Education Series

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Education Series Trailer

Dr. Andrew Oteo, Stonebridge Chiropractic, Office Tour & Chiropractic Education.

Josh, Rebuild Texas, Looking at Hail and Wind Damage.

Allen, Door 2 Door Shuttle, GPS Tracking Systems.

Joe Perez, City Managers Office of the City of The Colony, Overview of City Services.

Katie Besley, Novel Therapy, Cognitive Psychology: The Stroop Effect.

The Colony Police Department & Municipal Court, How to Handle a Traffic Stop & Ticket.

Mary Jacoby, DATCU Credit Union, Helping Others Take Control of Their Finances.

Tomas Wright, Kolibri Pest Services, What it's Like Working in the Pest Control Industry.

Thomas White, LISD Education Foundation, What a Non-Profit is & What LISDEF Does.

The Colony Public Library, Journey of a Book.

The Colony Animal Services, Overview of Animal Services.